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Walkers Radiators

Walkers Bespoke RadiatorsWalkers Garage have been involved in the manufacture and repair of radiators since the early '80's. Initially much of the work centred around servicing standard road vehicle units, and indeed this still accounts for a considerable volume of work; however, as word spread amongst the rally and race fraternity that here was an organisation with both the know-how and the interest to design and manufacture specialist cooling devices - orders quickly followed.  

Today the majority of work in the radiator department is with aluminium motorsport coolers. Design & manufacturing is done in-house using CAD, CNC & TIG welding processes.

Walkers Motor Sport Radiators in recent times have featured in the Italian Ferrari Maranello Challance, Alfa Romeo touring cars, Fiat Punto Kit cars, Proton S2000 International rally team, to name but a few as well as many historic Escort BDA's.

Information available from simon@walkersgarage.com

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